I’ve published some of the images from last week’s Siouxon Falls Trail hike and camp out on my .mac address. Specifically, you can find 31 of the shots with captions. There are many more images, of course, but I thought these captured the flavor of things fairly well. Hope you enjoy them.

In that same vein, I’ll be publishing some Ape Caves shots too, though it will probably be on this site instead of mac.com. I’ll announce it in this space though, so if you’re even remotely interested, all you have to do is stay tuned.

Erin’s started her Adventures in Education class at Western, and it’s hard to believe she’s getting college credit for this. It’s a bunch of team-building and challenge courses—fun, basically—topped with a nice overnight rafting trip later this week. She was able to use a voucher she got at Sprague for it, so our cost is minimal, and hey, three credits is three credits. 

If all goes well, this, a course she’ll be taking in late August, and another she’ll be doing in the fall will bump her over a column on the pay scale at work. That’s roughly a $1500 annual raise, which isn’t bad for doing the same stuff she’s already doing at work. That’ll put her in the penultimate pay column, but it’s unlikely she’ll get the 21 necessary credits to move over again for a few more years. All in good time, though.