Los Altos, California

Erin and I lunched with our friends Brian and Debbie and their daughter Erin at their home in Campbell. Little Erin is entering second grade this year, a milestone which seems almost unthinkable. Wasn’t she an infant just last month? Time is moving more rapidly in my subjective world view, probably having to do with each moment constituting a lower percentage of my time lived. A minute of my life isn’t a long as it was when I was 10. Strange thought, that.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time chatting with Brian and Debbie, and as an unexpected bonus I even got to update their Rev. D iMac. It took a couple hours of tinkering, but Debbie and I used it as chat time, and in the end we’d doubled the Internet speed, fixed the web browser so it could play Flash movies/games, eliminated an extension conflict, and changed a few other things for the better. Thanks to Brian and Debbie for the great conversation, the yummy lunch, and for allowing me to be helpful. 

The Lillys (Bernard and Liz), the Petersons (Mark, Christine, and Jared) and the Davisons (Erin and I) all headed down to San Jose to watch the San Jose Giants brutalize the visiting High Desert Mavericks 6-2. Major League Baseball? Heck, I’m probably one of the few guys who hopes they do go on strike just so we can get other, more entertaining professional sports on TV. But minor league baseball? I hope it lasts forever. Example: A foul ball was hit down the third base line where some guy in the BBQ area caught it. He hands it to his toddler, and he’s all stoked like “look what Daddy got for his little boy.” The kid, undoubtedly trained to play catch (“come on, through the ball back to Daddy”), immediately hucks the thing back onto the baseball field while the rest of us in the stands laugh ourselves silly. They gave the ball back to the kid, of course, but it was all amusingly and touchingly human, and something you’d never see at a major league game. MLB owners v. players? I don’t care. Give me the purity and joy of the minor leagues every time.