With Bernard and Liz riding with us, we returned to Salem yesterday to find our house still standing. By the grace and goodwill of Dad and our neighbor Fred, Erin’s garden looks to have pulled through the 100 degree days the area experienced in our absence. Thanks to them both.

Bernard and I went out to play a little more tennis, both of us I think enjoying immensely after not playing the game in years. We remain pretty close to awful, but we’re improving and the quality in all aspects of our play is up dramatically from our match six days ago. If possible, I’d like to keep playing, though that might prove tricky given Oregon’s fall and winter climate. 

True to form, I bought a bunch of Aquila stock today. It closed Friday at $2.05, and I started this morning with a limit order of $2.40 a share, but trading hopped right over my limit and in the end I was forced to buy in at $2.65 and $2.68. That meant I pretty well missed the day’s run up. That’s annoying, but it won’t matter long-term. Now either I’m going to make good money on Aquila or I’m probably going lose most everything I’ve put into it (which, I’d like to stress again, is not all that much in the context of our portfolio—don’t you slamming all your retirement savings into this because you read somewhere that Ty thought it was a good deal). If I had the money, I’d buy more Aquila stock than I did, but I don’t, and we’re looking at a lot of house expenses in the next few months as we remodel the upstairs bathroom and insulate the walls. Anyway, I’ve bought what I can and put my money were my mouth is. We’ll see how it goes.