I rolled up I-5 and out to Hillsboro this morning to help Dennis move to a house in SE Portland. Matt, Ginger, and Maria also participated in this filling and unloading of the U-Haul truck, and fueled by some yummy donuts we made pretty good time in getting stuff packed into the vehicle.

The unloading of materials at the new place was similarly lickity-split, but I had to bail before we had all the remaining items carted into a nearby storage facility. Dennis tells me that all went well, and, since this type of moving event is destined to be repeated again a few months hence, I feel a little less guilt about having to take off early. 

Speaking of Dennis telling me things, he’s turned me on to a Portland-based all-women trio called Sleater-Kinney and their remarkably good album, One Beat. You can currently listen to the whole thing as a Quicktime stream. I’ve already ordered the CD.

Bernard, Liz, Erin and I jetted down I-5 to Eugene to help Terri celebrate her 30th birthday. We met a lot of Terri and Jim’s friends, took pictures (including the latest addition to Erin and Terri’s famous kitchen series), admired their remodeling work, ate lots of great food, and just generally had a great time. Happy birthday, Terri!