Joe came down from Battle Ground, and we resumed our attack on the upstairs bathroom. We got a lot of good work done, and the new tub is in place. There’s a substantial set of tasks remaining to be tackled, but at least a couple of the big chores we’ll be farming out. The new light and fan over the bath, for example, I’ll be calling in an electrician to install. Probably get a pro to do the tile work too. I’ll be caulking and painting the outside tomorrow, which is about my home repair competency level right now. 

One thing that’s pretty clear is we will ultimately be remodeling the entirety of the bathroom, not just converting the bath to a bath with shower. The pink fixtures’ days are numbered, and for those of us without a 1950s asthetic sensibility (which is to say, me), the sooner they’re gone, the better. I think the whole project will be completed by sometime in October, but that’s just a guess.