Erin and I drove up I-5 this evening for a joint birthday celebration for Bruce and Robyn. As a bonus, it was held at the old house on Princeton (by UP) where Erin and I spent the summer of 1992 (her in a first floor bedroom and me in the attic bedroom). We were only there a few months, but it was cool to see the place again and neat that it’d been purchased by a friend of Bruce’s.

The party itself was of course a smash hit as one might anticipate. Bruce and Robyn were there, of course, along with Robyn’s significant other Jared, Joe and Carol, and a wide variety of other folks from Bruce’s wide circle of acquaintance. Despite having to leave around 8:30 so Erin could be tanned, rested, and ready for the start of school tomorrow, we got significant face time with Bruce, and, as I’ve said, really enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting people.

In many respects it was an excellent capper for a terrific summer. Erin and I both have enjoyed this summer immensely, from her trip to France to my late night/early morning World Cup viewings to camping with friends to minor and major league baseball games to hiking the Ape Caves and so on. It has been an utterly fantastic time, and for those of you who have helped make it so, my sincerest thanks.