Joe came down for some more work on the bathroom remodeling project. We’re making really good progress if I do say so myself. The outside needs a little more caulking and some paint. The inside, well, OK, there’s a fair ways yet to go on the inside, but we’re getting there. We leveled the tub and sheetrocked today. I’ll have some more sheetrocking and puttying to do before Joe’s next visit, and Erin and I need to buy the actual shower fixture we’ll be using. Other than that, there’s a little bit of work on the floor, then it’s time for the electrician and the tile guy. Oh yeah, we need to get a new toilet too and swap it out with the old pink one.

But as I say, things are moving right along, and my continuing gratitude to Joe for his work and his instruction on all this.

FedEx showed up at the door with Mac OS 10.2 today, so I’ll be looking at doing an install either tonight or tomorrow. Dennis plopped it on to his G4 tower yesterday, and it sounds like so far, so good. I’m looking forward to it—especially the new spam filter in the Mail application. More info on 10.2 in the Mac section once I’ve had a chance to play with it.