Maria sent me a link to cartoonist Scott McCloud’s stuff, so I thought I’d point out a few of my favorites: Brad’s Somber Mood, Inertia Man, Zen Dating, Monkey Town, and Scott McCloud—I know you are reading this. Choose one of the many titles I have submitted.

Speaking of online comics, I don’t reguarly read Penny-Arcade any more since they started swearing rather than being funny, but a quick scroll through their stuff revealed some pretty good ones without too much cursing: Unwisdom, Descent, Our Dirty Secret, I’ll Form the Etc, Gripping!, M$, With Friends Like These, Son of a True Story, Activate, He’s Got Legs, E32k2: Wuv, Fettish, Going Down, The Grim Schematic, and Attack of the Clowns.