Erin and I are happy to announce that we’re pregnant. Well, that she’s pregnant. I’m actually just big-boned. We’ve suspected Erin might be with child for a couple weeks now. She’s been extraordinarily fatigued lately, whereas normally she’s got enough energy to power a small city. Her breasts are also enlarging—I mean hey, I’ve got eyes (and, as Dave points out, hands). Hehe. The first telltale sign for me, though, was Erin walking around a track at school with a friend and bursting into tears for 2-3 minutes for no reason whatsoever. It was, as she related it, like the floodgates had opened and then it was, “What was that?” The answer is, of course, hormonal changes. Many more of those on the way, I’m sure.

Are we ready to be parents? Bearing in mind that very few folks are really ready the first time through, I’d say you bet. Some of you have been kindly telling us for some time now that we’ll be great parents, and whether you’ll proven right or not, I sure appreciate the vote of confidence. Definitely a lot better than tell us the opposite.

I realize that by some standards we’re announcing prematurely. We’re in the midst of the first trimester, and, God forbid, a miscarriage this early on is more common than in the second or third trimesters. Our thinking is that we’re not secretive people by nature (can you tell?), and if something happens we’d rather have the support of family and friends.

Our first doctor visit (we’ve already toured the Salem Hospital maternity ward) is September 25. I’m sure I’ll have more to report then. As for now, new Davison incoming May, 2003.