Yesterday Erin and I attended a group orientation at Kaiser for prospective parents. An hour well-spent on the whole, but the nurse in charge had no answer to my question of why, only now that the women attending were pregnant, was Kaiser bringing up the usefulness of genetic testing. Isn’t that something that should be done beforehand? She agreed it was a good question at least, but I admited to being a little cheezed off about the whole thing since Erin and I have both asked about genetic testing prior to our efforts to have a child and were rebuffed.

At this point we know that there won’t be any Rh problems (since Erin is, like 85 percent of all women, Rh+) and I guess we’ll just hope that the cystic fibrosis testing goes well and we’re not both carriers. All I can do now is to hope and to advise other potential parents to get the testing done beforehand regardless of what information you get from Kaiser.

That aside, it was a helpful and informative meeting, and Erin continues to roll right along. She’s tired, to be sure, but so far there’s been little in the way of morning sickness and for that we’re very thankful.