Dave and I worked on the bathroom this morning, starting with a visit to George Morlan Plumbing to purchase a Toto Supreme toilet and a Kohler shower head and sliding bar fixture. Boy it’s easy to drop lots of cash in a hurry. Now’s not the time to skimp, though, so there it is.

We returned home, did a some demo work, cleaned it up, and headed to Lowe’s Home Improvement for sheet rock. On the way, we detoured to George Morlan to get a better understanding of how to plumb the shower head bit together. We achieved that, I think, though if the wall explodes when I turn on the water, we’ll know I was wrong.

It took a while at Lowe’s to get the sheet rock into Dave’s Jeep. By the time we loaded up and raced home, I was running late for my soccer game and thus had time for only the briefest of thanks and good-byes. Nonetheless, my deepest appreciation to both Dave and Joe for the help they’ve rendered on this project. I’d be in a straight jacket by now for sure without their help.

The soccer game was a 3-1 victory with significant contributions from some of the España guys who’ve been away in playoffs for the last few weeks. It was a ragged game, but there were some good moments, and on the whole, I enjoyed it. My groin is still strained from last week, but Icy-Hot is a short-term miracle worker, and once again I was relatively unimpeded by injury. I mean, who can think of a pulled muscle when your groin is on fire? Not me, anyway.

Got word from Alicia late in the day that her installer fellow booked himself for the coming week, so our tile stuff is now three weeks out. That’s a bummer in the sense that the feeling of impending doom the Tuesday tile deadline generated prompted a lot of my actions and scheduling this weekend, and it appears to be all for naught. On the other hand, I am much happier to have more time to get the bathroom stuff done, and hopefully done right.