We met with Gary Bernard, OM, one of the doctors at Kaiser, for Erin’s OB/GYN appointment. He graciously allowed us (well, mostly me) to pepper him with questions, and we liked what he had to say. Unfortunately Kaiser’s got four obstetrical doctors doing deliveries at Salem Hospital so our odds of getting this guy are only 25 percent (actually slightly less since there’s a fifth fill-in doctor who does the occasional delivery). But at least if he’s the guy, we’ll feel like we’re in good hands.

Everything seemed good so far as the exam went, or at least neither the doctor nor Erin gave me any reason to think otherwise. Never having sat through an OB/GYN visit before, it’s not like I really knew what was up.

We did, however, get an ultrasound of our little critter, and so far, so good. There’s a little heart pumping away, and you’d swear you could make out an arm, but for the most part it’s a grey blob. It’s our grey blob, though, and that’s what counts.

We also got the official word on the length of gestation. We agreed on a date of conception, but apparently pregnancy is a 38 week event, not 40 week. It’s only 40 weeks if you count it from the menstrual cycle, not ovulation. OK, well, I still don’t know how they arrive at whatever numbers they do, but the bottom line is that the ultrasound machine says we’re currently at 9 weeks, 5 days, and we’re due May 2, 2003. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.