Another Sunday, another soccer game. This one a 2-2 tie against a pretty good team who we probably could’ve defeated had we substituted well. Instead guys stayed on the field all the time, one of the results being I only played 15 minutes of the second half, another result being the aforementioned 2-2 draw. Bret was there on the sidelines and tried to get some players to come off, but it’s almost a hopeless task really. Once a lousy substitution pattern is initiated, it’s very difficult to break.

Speaking of Bret, he didn’t play due to an Achilles injury which he aggravated on Saturday in a championship game. Guess his team, España, lost 5-4. Bummer, that. I always hated being injured at crucial times of the season. The thoughts of what might have been drive me just as nuts in a sports context as they do in everyday life. With a little rehab we hope to see Bret off our sidelines and on the field in a couple weeks.

Other than soccer, he’s started talking some architecture classes, and he will even be using our house as the basis for some of his projects. One assignment is to CAD a house using Chief Architect, and since he’s already taken most if not all the measurements, our home is a prime candidate. I just hope I get some blue lines out of the whole thing. I still don’t have an accurate and highly detailed map of our house, and when it comes to drawing up new remodeling plans and ideas I could really use one.

I don’t know if anyone will notice or care, but I’ve finally had time to start using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) on a few web pages. Whether this is much of an improvement remains to be seen, but it should make things a little more readable, and the pages should load slightly faster for those on a dial-up connection. Additionally, I’ve added little typographical elements like initial caps, made some font changes (like Futura for the dates and Palatino for the text), improved the line spacing (aka leading), and created a hilite function for specific text that I think is particularly important or noteworthy.

That CSS is a web standard which is now a reasonably mature technology does not mean that it’s implemented on all web browsers or that CCS pages won’t look terrible on the browser you’re using. For example, iCab still doesn’t do CSS stuff properly, and there’s not a lot I can do except to tell you that the developers say they’re working on it. Netscape Navigator 4.0x also biffs this stuff up pretty badly, but I’ll try to get a fix for Netscape posted shortly. In the meantime, things look pretty snazzy to me on MSIE 5.2.2 (Mac). Nonetheless, if you’re on a Mac and this page appears all messed up on your browser, shoot me an email and let me know what you’re using and what’s wrong. I’ll see what I can do.