Thanks to those of you supply feedback on the new Cascading Style Sheet adventure I’ve got going on. At present, it sounds like MSIE 5.x for Mac is virtually the only browser that’s displaying things correctly. I’m hoping to have that problem solved by the end of the week for Netscape users, but no guarantees at this point. In fact, even MSIE 4.x browser are all messed up, and I’m having trouble overriding the default internal CSS in order to fix that. It’s a good learning experience, and I’m thrilled that I’ve had a day or two to finally explore all this (something I’ve been wanting to do for months if not years now), but my apologies to those who are trying to read what I’m writing and are seeing more textual garbage and nonsense than they’re otherwise used to. Frankly, given my writing and writing style, I find that hard to believe.

UPDATE: OK, I seem to have solve things more or less for MSIE 4.01 (Mac) and MSIE 4.5 (Mac). The former works almost perfectly while the latter insists on displaying text in bold. I have no idea why this is so, but since it’s otherwise a reasonable approximation of what it’s supposed to look like, I’m not going to complain or worry about it further. MSIE 5.x (Mac) continues to look fine.

Netscape Navigator 4.08 (Mac) does not render properly, but it’s quite readable now, and I’m not inclined to fix it. Users who prefer Netscape browsers are both lauded for their preference and advised to upgrade to a more recent version that 4.x. iCab 2.8.1 also displays the CSS information incorrectly, but well enough to be readable and, in it’s own way, stylish. Coming versions of iCab will reportedly fix all outstanding CSS issues, so what you so is what you get for now. I don’t think it looks that bad to be honest.

Joe came down from Battle Ground and I drove up from Salem to take a look at and figuratively kick the tires on a 1950s era home that Dennis is considering. General consensus seemed to be that while the $99,000 asking price was too high for a place that needed as much work as this one does, the house also has enormous potential. Somebody—maybe Dennis—will take that place and restore it to glory.