Today’s soccer game was not what one would call easy, since I’m still not recovered from yesterday’s blood donation. It ended a 2-2 tie. I was unhappy with both my play and the team’s, though not the extent that I’ll lose any sleep over it. We’ve got a lot of good players, but very few of them are on the same page tactically and virtually everyone runs away from the ball instead of checking back and giving the passer options. It makes for some dreadful soccer, but it’s also good exercise, and as one might easily determine from my tone, I don’t care a whole lot either way if we win or lose.

Talked with Bret for a few hours after the game. He’s taking a CAD class using Chief Architect and has been impressed with the program. I’ve used the little brother, Home Architect, to do some CAD stuff around here, and I don’t doubt that Chief Architect is a powerful design package. For Bret, it’s just another item for the resumé, since he already knows MicroStation, AutoCAD, and others. I’m still hoping to have him over soon to finish mapping out our house so we can get some official blue lines of the place.