The original plan was for the tile guy, Darren, to finish up today. Not gonna happen. He’s got a lot of it done, but it’ll be Monday at least before all the tiles are in place. Even now, though, the bathroom looks terrific. You can just stand there and stare at the tiles (I know because I have) and be impressed with the difference. Wow, it looks good. I’ll post before and after shots in the Gallery sometime next week when the tile work is complete and we have the shower(!) and toilet in working order.

We have more to do in there, of course, but a lot of it is unlikely to happen this year. There’s an obvious need to paint, and we want to refinish the cabinets and the vanity. We’re pretty much out of cash for those projects at the moment, but completing the bathroom will be one of our primary remodeling goals next year. I’m guessing it’ll be about another $1000 to complete the room, but that’s somewhat speculative right now. The larger, more important point is that everything—especially the new shower—will be completely functional in less than two weeks time. We’re very excited about that.

We have two other remodeling projects for next year. First, we’ll be converting the guest room into a nursery. I don’t anticipate that being much more than a coat of paint, some pretty designs, and the movement of some furniture. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve never created a nursery before. Second, I want to install recessed lights along the overhang out back and insulate that overhang as well. The insulation befits are self-explanatory; the recessed lights will not only increase night time illumination for the back yard (and look great while doing it), they’re also the first step in my long-term plan of building a deck back there.

Life is good.