Dave’s working a couple days straight in Salem, so he was able to spend the night last night which, as always, was cool. We watched Monday Night Football, and messed around with the plumbing fixtures in the upstairs bathroom. We managed the tub spout and the on/off handle without incident, and I’m very happy to report that there do not appear to be any leaks in the plumbing inside the walls (at least as judged by looking through the ceiling in my office up at the drain lines).

We did, however, run into an issue with the shower. The slider bar is fine, and the shower wand itself is grand, but the nipple coming out of the wall is just a touch too short to firmly attach the shower hose. As it stands right now, it leaks down the outside of the wall into the tub. So it’s usable. It’s just not perfect yet. I should have it fixed by the end of the week, though, and then we can worry about what color to paint the room, and other, lesser, matters.

I took a shower in the upstairs bathroom this morning, and it was a very pleasant experience. I’m a shower fan to begin with and undoubtedly my outlook on the matter is clouded by the money we’ve spent, but I am a very happy camper at this point. After the aforementioned minor plumbing fix, we’re good to go for full-time usage, and, as they might say in the auto industry, it’s a very nice ride.