Happy Halloween to everybody! We didn’t have much lined up for this evening other than curling up by the fire and reading books. The weather has turned cold this week with night time lows around 20 degress Fahrenheit. I’m hoping that explains the dearth of trick-or-treaters this year, as we only had two. That’s more Almond Joys for me, but it’s not like I need their coconutty goodness on my waistline.

What I’m afraid is happening is that Halloween is dying as a children’s holiday. This year’s turnout was lower than last year’s which was lower than the year before. Maybe this is only a neighborhood trend or maybe the weather kept kids inside or maybe September 11 changed everything. I’ve not talked to anyone else yet to find out about the turnout elsewhere, so maybe I’m wrong. But part of me won’t be surprised if the only thing that happens for Halloween in five years is that adults throw costume parties, and I’ll think that a shame.