Played the final game of my Men’s over-30 team today. Had a goal and assist against a chippy and undermanned English squad out of Portland. Relatively fun game in the sense that nobody got hurt, and I got my exercise. Final was something like 7-2. I dunno. I lost count. Good season anyway, and I’m glad I played.

Now that soccer is foreclosed as an exercise option, I’m staring long and hard at the treadmill. I usually don’t want or need it during the spring and summer months, but there are very few options in the winter. Probably start up on that this week (he said unhappily).

I watched the French film Amélie again last night. It’s a happy, surreal, romantic flight of fancy, and assuming you can stomach the subtitles, it’s well worth the viewing. Nominated for 5 Academy Awards (including Best Original Screenplay), Amélie is every bit as quirky as you’d expect a French film to be, but ultimately a lot more uplifting than what you’d expect. Highly recommended.