Erin’s doctor appointment yesterday went just fine. The PA took some vital stats, hooked up a little audio monitor so we could listen to the pleasant swoosh of baby’s heartbeat, and answered all our questions. There wasn’t much to do or say really; the big stuff (like the complete ultrasound) is in about four weeks.

Erin starts week 16 today, and so far, so good. She’s at 129 lbs.—up about 14 from her norm—and has only recently begun to look anything other than slender. Baby is about 6.5 inches long now and is starting to move around a little bit, though Erin can’t yet detect anything.

We watched the special edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring last night (I got the 4-DVD set from and The Royal Tenenbaums this evening. Rings is, as I’ve said before, brilliant. The special edition is even better than the theatrical release; the extra 30 minutes they’ve edited in help clarify the characters and the story.

The Royal Tenenbaums was almost like watching an independent film with Hollywood stars. It was strange, funny, surprising, and interesting. It’s not terribly deep stuff intellectually—it kind of dips a toe in the thematic pool of redemption, forgiveness, and love—but it’s quirky and loving enough that I don’t care. Ultimately, the film’s heart is in the right place and when that is so I’m inclined to give full points for the effort alone. Recommended.

Our friends Jim and Terri drove up from Eugene this afternoon. We lunched, watched the Ducks go flying down to defeat, and conversed on various topics of interest. After the Duck game, Erin and Terri took off for a walk and Jim and I geeked out on Mac hardware and software. Jim trotted out his über-cool iPod which I had the pleasure of hooking up to Trinity and generally messing arould with. Great gizmo, that iPod. Got to, got to, got to get me one. We played some MacMAME games, fiddled with his iBook a bit, and messed about with FireWire target disk mode. My kinda fun!

Thanks to Jim and Terri for the wonderful afternoon!