As some of you know, I was a beta tester for Quicken 2003 for Mac this last year. I couldn’t admit that at the time thanks to the nondisclosure agreement I was under, but now that the product is out, no problem. You can even check the About Quicken box and see my name scroll by in the “thanks” section, though they’ve misspelled it “Davidson” (much to my dismay). Oh well, trust me when I say that’s not the least of the bugs they missed. The Net Worth graphs still don’t work right, and from what I hear they won’t get fixed until Quicken 2004. C’est la vie.

Nonetheless, as I’ve long said, don’t let piddley things like that dissuade you from using Quicken. If you want to control your finances, there is no better program to use. It’s changed how I live my life, and if you let it, it will change yours too. I’m happy to report that I’ve had numerous opportunities in the past year to help family and friends get started with Quicken. If you’re not among them, but you’d like to learn about the program, I’m happy to help you get started. Just so you know.

Hopping back aboard the train of thought that I started with, I’m again doing beta testing for Mac software. Like last time, I won’t be able to speak about it publicly until after the beta testing is concluded, but suffice it to say that it’s fun, that I spent all afternoon today working on it, and that I’m really happy this program will be going Mac OS X native.

Erin and I continue to be suckers for The Amazing Race and The West Wing. Sadly, they both occupy the Wednesday 9 PM time slot on competing channels, but last night Amazing Race got bumped to 8 PM thanks to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show—a dubious use of the term if I’ve ever heard one; the adverts made it look more like a Betazoid wedding—so we watched both our favs and partied it up. We’re probably back to the regular dilemma next week, almost making me wish I had a TiVO.

Dave and I road-tripped it to the Woodburn outlet stores and to Fry’s Electronics in Wilsonville yesterday. Lunched at Jack-in-the-Box in Woodburn. Generally raised cain and played Spy Hunter on the freeways. I looked at FireWire-based web cams to see if anything was cheap enough to warrant purchase. Nope. $100 minimum. Only like $20 for a USB-based model, but the frame-rates tend to be really low, so that’s not worth it to me. I’ll keep waiting. Great fun with Dave, though.