I drove up to Tigard yesterday, picked the Toto Supreme toilet from George Morlan Tigard (saving $100), and hooked up with Bret. After a brief stop at his nifty apartment, we went to Sí Señor, a local Mexican place. Food and price was fair. It reminded me that I really need to find a Mexican diner—in Salem, mind you—that I’m thrilled with. I’ve got Thai and Chinese restaurants I’m excited about, but nothing that really turns me on for Mexican food, and that seems like a shame, since I really enjoy a good burrito grande. Anyway, Sí Señor was OK, and worked out just fine for letting Bret and me sit and chat.

Bret was here last Sunday after the soccer game (a brutal affair featuring 12 yellow cards and 2 reds which we won 2-1), and took some measurements of the house for his Chief Architect class project. He also got a free haircut from Erin, but I prefer to think his motivations were purely altruistic. We talked a lot during that visit about how to best capture the house in blueprint terms, and we decided that I’ll be taking a lot of pictures with the digital camera and burning the images on a CD for him. That makes a lot of sense, I think, since chicken scratchings on a piece of paper can only do so much to capture the reality of the house, and having pictures to refer back to will, almost inevitably, provide important details which weren’t obvious when the initial measurements and drawings were made.

Erin’s in week 12 now, and starting to plump up like a Ballpark Frank. There is a noticeable bulge in the middle if you were aware of her flat stomach prior to pregnancy; if you didn’t know her body type before then you might not see it. She’s gained probably 10-15 pounds at this point, but she still looks thin to me. Heck, I look more pregnant than she does, and the only thing I’m carrying is too many pizzas.

Her extreme fatigue has gone away now that the placenta is built. I wouldn’t characterize her energy level as being back to full-power, but Erin at 80 to 90 percent is better than most of us mere mortals, and I’m confident in saying that she’s returned to that range. Based on what I read, the fatigue may well return in the third trimester, but we’ll worry about that when we get there.