I’ll be meeting with Richard Woods, MD a little later this morning where we’ll decide whether the solution to my collapse last Friday morning is (1) to never, under any circumstances, ever pee again or (2) to institute an on-going policy of bed wetting. I’m reasonably confident that either approach would solve the problem, but the law of unintended consequences would probably come into play.

Having now updated the sign on the wall to read, “2 days straight without an accident,” our factory at Davison HQ will be swinging back into full-time production later this afternoon, assuming the doctor gives the OK. Look for an update later today with details.

UPDATE: As expected, the doctor gave me a sufficiently clean bill of health that I’m now authorized to re-join the regular prison population. I’m going to do a couple of follow-up tests over the course of the next few weeks, but he’s reasonably confident that my experience was vasovagol syncope and that it is highly unlikely that it will recur.