Happy Thanksgiving! We spent much of the day at Mom and Dad’s where we carried on the family tradition of eating too much, falling asleep in front of the TV, and playing various games around the dinner table sometime thereafter. Erin, Dad, and Bret broke with tradition and went for a walk at Minto Brown, but I’ve had a headcold for several days now, so I bailed on the trip. Sounds like it was pretty neat though.

Erin continues to grow rotund. She’s not waddling yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. She’ll start week 18 on Saturday, and she should begin to feel the baby moving around any time now. The more comprehensive ultrasound is scheduled for December 16, so we’ll be able to “see” things more clearly at that point. We’re not planning on learning the sex of the child until birth, but we’re not going to be terribly distraught if we happen to find out. (In case anyone’s wondering, we’re not aiming for a boy or girl, we’re aiming for “healthy.”) Erin’s had a remarkably convenient pregnancy up to this point, and that, along with so many other things, is something for which we are thankful indeed.