Baby rather painfully poked Erin last night. Erin shook her stomach a bit like she was laughing, and Baby, undoubtedly getting the clue, moved his foot or whatever it was somewhere less painful to Mom. As you might expect I was thrilled by the whole thing, but who wouldn’t be? It’s a special moment when your kid whacks Mom in the kidneys for the first time. Up ’til now, all we’ve had to go on are flutters and gurgling noises. Now we know there’s a little human being in there waiting to get out. BTW, until I’m told otherwise, I’m taking every kick of Mom’s internal organs as a clear sign of soccer-playing talent. We’re starting Week 19 today, with the big ultrasound 10 days away.

You’ll recall that I did an early morning collapse in the bathroom a few weeks ago. As part of the follow-up, we wanted to make sure that everything was kosher, so I went in, got a medical checkup, and had some blood drawn for analysis. Today I received my lab results back from the doctor, and I’m as fit as a 33 year-old fiddle has any right to be. Blood sugar, kidney function, liver enzymes, cholesterol, and thyroid all normal. True, we continue to be unable to detect any brain wave activity, but that was expected.