Good news from the ultrasound. Everything appears great at this stage of fetal development. No problems detected whatsoever. After the tech did the diagnostic part of the ultrasound—a roughly 30 minute process whereby she takes specific pictures and measurements—we had about 10 minutes or so to just see what we could see. Foot here, hand there. Baby rubs his/her eye, scratches his/her ear. Even in the womb ours is the cutest child ever! (Note to reader: Our child as most beautiful, intelligent, charming, etc. is likely to be a long running theme of mine. You have been warned.)

As I may have mentioned before, we specifically asked not to be told the sex of the child during the ultrasound exam. Boy or girl, we’re just aiming for healthy. I hope to have some pictures posted within the next week. Unlike our Week 9 ultrasound this gray blob is more recognizable.

We met with Dr. Bernard after the ultrasound. He answered a few questions for us. He was surprised that we were able to feel the baby move this early, but he felt the kid himself during while listening to the fetal heartbeat, so it’s nice to know that we were right about that. Patiently explained that any gurgling I was hearing by pressing my ear to Erin’s belly was Erin, not the kid. That was disappointing but pretty darn funny.

Looks like Star Trek Nemesis did only about $18 million in box office over the opening weekend (losing to the new J. Lo movie). Since Paramount was hoping for at least $20 million, unless Nemesis has legs that no one currently anticipates, we may have seen the last of the Next Generation crew. I think that would be a shame, but with Rick Berman at the helm of the Star Trek empire I don’t think you’re going to see much improvement. Berman and Paramount have milked the franchise, frankly, for more than it’s worth, and the current lack of interest is more over saturation than anything else if you ask me.