If you saw the Amazing Race finale this evening like I did, I’m sure you’ll forgive the following: God is dead. There is no way that a whiny, bipolar, loser like Flo deserves to come away with $1 million. If she had any conscience whatsoever (and she does not) she’d give all the money to Zach for not slugging her on any one of the numerous times she completely fell apart and started screeching about quitting the race and going home. I take their victory as an indictment of the TV show.

Indeed, if you examine what cost the Dandy Bros. team the victory, it was that they had to wait for a taxi. Next year they should call in The Amazing Taxi Race, because with all the equalizing the show did at airports and so on, that’s what it turned out to be. Teri and her loudmouth husband Ian not winning the $1 million is small consolation. I almost don’t know if I’ll tune in next year. This was a travesty.