Our friend Bruce is back in Oregon for a Christmas time visit, and today I had the pleasure of bopping around town with him to check out various digital cameras and accessories. The man is so much fun to hang out with that me and everybody who knows him wants to beat him with a silly stick to get him to move back to the Northwest. I mean, how can you not love a person whose cell phone plays “Funkytown”? Alas, we’ve had to content ourselves with the occasional holiday visit. DTs and other withdrawal symptoms are a common occurrence.

As for our shopping adventure, those that know Bruce can pester him up for details on his specific purchase, but I will say that for my part I was surprised to see how rapidly digital camera technology has advanced (and dropped in price) in the last 18 months. The camera Bruce ended up selecting is smaller, has tons more features, and is $150 less than what I paid for my Canon PowerShot S300. That’s not to say that the S300 is bad, because frankly it continues to absolutely rock. It’s a great camera, and one of my favorites toys/tools. It’s just that I was amazed to see how quickly technology has moved.