Those late night Christmas Eve Masses are typically brutal on one’s sleep schedule, but last night’s at Queen of Peace was easily enjoyable enough to qualify as “worth it.” Lots of Christmas carols from the choir and a good and timely homily from Father George (who as a homilist rarely disappoints).

This morning’s festival at Ma and Pa Davison’s was the standard gala affair. If I do say so myself, us Davisons make very merry on our get-togethers, and that we achieve all this without the aid of stimulants, alcohol, or street drugs is particularly notable. Ho, ho, ho.

Bret and I snuck out for a mid-day game of basketball with some guys at Queen of Peace. As is usual, I was fine at the beginning, less good in the middle, and nearly miserable at the end by which time I had run out of energy. Nothing new there in my sporting life.