Los Altos, California

I returned to The Island, the Steeler bar I frequented some three plus years ago. Turns out they’re now a Vikings bar. Losers. So I ended up this morning at Knuckles, a sports bar on El Camino where we watched the Steelers come from behind win over the Baltimore Ravens. (Details in Sports.)

Usually in the course of a game there’s a certain ebb and flow, and spectators can read the energy and momentum of the game. What I found is that in a sports bar where you’re surrounded by TVs showing different games (many of which had playoff implications) it was nearly impossible for me to get a good read on the Steeler game. I don’t know if I’m alone in that feeling or if it’s a skill that regular patrons acquire or what, but at least today I found it somewhat disorienting.

We visited our friends Maurice and Debi up in Pleasanton this evening, and, as we always do, had a really fun time. Debi’s taken up belly-dancing, so we went out to El Morocco, a local restaurant, to support and cheer on two of her friends who were performing. Since my friend Julie used to belly-dance, I’ve seen a few gigs in my time, but I confess that I’ve never seen anybody bellydance with a sword balanced on her head or hip. That was a new one to me. I may be highly unqualified to judge the calibre of what dancing we saw, but I can certainly testify to being entertained and to having a very fun time.

Are rumors that I got up and danced a bit to be believed? Photographic evidence may some day shed light. Likewise stories about Erin, Maurice, and Debi doing a little shakin’. Good times.