Los Altos, California

I got Erin successfully off on her Southwest flight on Thursday morning. Kinda been doodling around since then. Played tennis with Bernard, researched Wills and Living Trusts, visited Fry’s Electronics, did some genealogy work, watched the NFL playoffs (Go Steelers!), and tried to keep up with all the MacWorld predictions flying about.

I spent this evening with Mark, Christine, and Jared. Got to read a couple books with Jared (one on Noah’s Ark, one on the numbers 1-10). Worked with Mark to create Mac-usable CD-ROMs from his home video/computer setup. (Success, by the way.) Watched Andy Richter, chatted, ate a yummy dinner. Good times, good times.

[Mac OS X sidenote: Mark and I needed to share files between Trinity and his PC, and the process of logging into a Windows server is a snap and perhaps even easier than logging into a Mac (because you don’t have to remember your AppleTalk settings). Very slick what Apple’s done in this respect, and kudos to them for doing it.]