It’s been a busy few days this week. I’ve been trying to get caught up from being away for so long, and it’s slow going. Even after a few days straight of trying to get things put away, reading through my backlog of newspapers, and updating things in the wonderful online virtual world, I’d swear I could keep at it another week and still not be done.

Erin’s had better luck of it, but then again, she also came back 10 days before I did. She’s currently working like mad at school trying to get everything finished up for the end of the semester. (Finals are next week.) That’s leading to some late nights.

On the brighter side, baby is doing great. The kid is kicking around quite a bit now in what has proven to be an endless source of entertainment for us. It is just a whole lot of fun to feel your child kick from inside the womb. I’ve taken to talking with baby as well—at this point baby can hear voices—and while it might seem a little silly to be talking to Erin’s tummy, I don’t think either of us minds particularly. God knows we’ve always been goofy, so what’s one more thing?