Dave came over last night which buoyed my spirits considerably. As some of you may know, a couple weeks ago he hit some black ice on a trip to Sisters, Oregon and rolled his big red Jeep Cherokee several times. Other than a stiff neck, he was fine, but the Jeep was totaled. I talked with Dave that day, since he sent me cryptic email alluding to catastrophe, and I called him up directly from California, unwilling to be denied the knowledge that he was perfectly OK. Nope, he was just as nuts as he was college. That rollover did him no good at all. =)

One thing it did do, though, was put him in the market for a new car, and he showed up last night driving a very sporty Subaru Impreza WRX. This is a very slick-looking, very powerful turbo-charged vehicle. At 227 HP and 217 lbs of torque, the manual version apparently does zero to 60 faster than a Corvette. It’s also an all-wheel drive car with dual airbags and anti-lock brakes. He drove us around in it a bit last night, and it’s quite the ride. So that was cool.

After dinner, Dave and I settled down for a little Macintosh work. He brought over his parents iMac, and we had a good time moving it from Mac OS 8.5.1 to Mac OS 10.2.3. It took a little bit of time (as we had to also install Mac OS 9.2.2 for Classic compatibility and update the firmware), but the process was as painless as any I’ve ever done. Also pretty cool.

Baby continues to grow bigger. At this point, Erin’s bellybutton “inny” is nearly an “outie” (leading Erin to say what she really wanted was a BMW or a Lexus). If one gauge of fetal health is number of kicks (and it is), then I don’t think we have any worries. This kid is kicking up a storm, and we’re only in week 24.