I’ve been visiting Ma and Pa for the last couple nights, slowly updating their B&W G3, Tacaño, to Mac OS X 10.2.3 and dropping in various updates to this program or that. In particular, I think they’re going to dig Safari since it will let them browse considerably faster than before (they’re on a dial-up) and iCal. I introduced Mom to iCal. I’ll be interested to see what she thinks of it.

Talked with Joe for a couple hours yesterday, and we had quite the great time catching up. They had a marvellous Christmas in New York. They’ve add cable modem service and an Airport base station. (Now that’s just fun waiting to happen.) They’ve been enjoying their birthday week. (Their birthdays are only 7 days apart.) I’m looking forward to catching up with them some more—in person—before too long.

I was chatting with Dennis as we caught the Internet feed of Kasparov v. Deep Junior and watched the Super Bowl. Kasparov destroyed Deep Junior in a Queen’s Gambit Declined game where he applied relentless pressure until Deep Junior’s programming team finally resigned on its behalf. Kasparov got a standing ovation in New York for his efforts, and it was well-earned.

The Super Bowl game was less interesting. Indeed, the only items worth mentioning are (1) I picked a Bucs v. Raiders Super Bowl months ago and (2) I picked the Bucs to win. Why, oh, why am I not a betting man? I’d be rich right about now. Anyway, props to me.