It’s been an incredibly busy week (as was last week). Most of that’s business, but there’s plenty of other stuff in there as well. I’ve been trying to work out getting windows for the soon-to-be nursery and the family room downstairs. We were going to ship some up from California because Mark (Erin’s brother-in-law) had a deal on some, but it turned out that be the time you added up all the packing and shipping costs, it was cheaper to just buy new ones locally. It was a good alternative to explore though, and props to both Mark and Bernard (who helped us research packing and freight companies).

We’re in week 27 on the pregnancy. Erin took the standard diabetic pregnancy test on Tuesday evening. No results from the lab yet, but we expect everything’s fine. Baby’s big enough now that you can put two hands on Erin’s belly and feel the kid kick all around. It’s remarkably like holding the child in your hands, and, as I’ve said before (and will continue to say), it’s just the coolest thing ever.

I finally found a compost bin for the yard. We’d been making do with a compost pile, an arrangement which seemed to be more of a dinner platter for local racoons and squirrels than anything else. The bin should signal to critters everywhere that the free lunch is over. If not, well, I guess I’ll know that strapping the bin to the top of the car to get it here wasn’t worth much more than the strange glances I got from other drivers and passersby. But I think it will work out.