It’s been six years now since I started Davison Online, and it’s time (or perhaps past due) for a change. When I started this site back in 1997, nobody had heard of weblogs or blogging, and frankly, given non-technical nature many in my readership, it may be the case that most of you still haven’t heard of these things. That’s neither here nor there, as the point is that this site is changing, not whether a certain demographic is technologically unaware. Once you’re sure you have no idea what I’m talking about, we can proceed.

OK then. Where was I? Change, right. Davison Online is going to be restructured. Firstly, I will absolutely get that front page re-done. I’ve tried several times and been unhappy with every result. Somehow, some way, I will get a front page I like. Second, several sections will be revamped, most notably Genealogy. I’ve acquired the site, which we can all helpfully abbreviate as “dofus,” and that will be going up in the next week or two. There will be some other section changes, but probably nothing major until I get some backend stuff sorted out. I’m looking at some static database publishing arrangement as an attempt to take content (text and graphics) and quickly reformat it using Cascading Style Sheets. We’ll see how much time that takes. I’ve been working hard (or is it hardly working?) lately, so it might take a little longer to get everything put together.

Time for a nap.

I met my parents for breakfast, did a little computer work at their place, had lunch with Dave, spent an inordinate amount of time doing yard work, and then got swamped with work that kept me up late. All in all, though, a very good day.