Joe and Carol paid us a visit yesterday, and we had a grand time as we always do. What great folks. We had initially planned to lunch at Amadeus Cafe, a local favorite of Erin’s and mine, but they were inexplicably closed (and I know we’ve been there on a Saturday before—so don’t ask me what’s up with that). We had to settle for Los Dos Amigos, our favorite Mexican restaurant. Life is so hard.

The four of us talked kids, house remodeling, food, gardening, computers, jobs, education, retirement savings and a multitude of other topics. Always a good time. Joe took a quick look at the window removal/installation project that we’ll be pushing forward with in a few weeks. No obvious deficiencies in our plan of attack. (Of course it helps that Dave is planning to help me move some stuff and demo the wall prior to the window stuff.)

Joe brought down his new 12″ PowerBook, Chaos, and after a quick update to my Airport Base Station (it is configured to only allow specific machines onto the network), he was able to surf and check email from the wireless network without difficulty. As for the new machine, well, that is one sweet PowerBook. It’s small, light, compact, and attractive. I will be very surprised if, with an entry price of $1800, Apple doesn’t sell them by the tens of thousands.

Thanks to Joe and Carol for the great Saturday!