Erin had a great 30 weeks of pregnancy, but it’ll be getting harder going forward. Now that we’re into the third trimester baby’s kicking and punching regularly, and the weight and burden are growing. The fatigue that knocked Erin sideways in the first trimester is starting to come back a bit. It’s not easy providing life support for somebody else in addition to yourself, and baby isn’t getting any smaller.

That should not be construed as a complaint. Erin’s been so upbeat throughout this experience, and it’s gone so well so far that we’d have no qualms about having another child (which is the plan). We feel very fortunate, very blessed, by everything associated with this pregnancy. We’ll be starting birthing classes next week, and we’re looking forward to that, too.

Lately I’ve taken to playing “tap” with baby while Erin’s asleep. Baby will poke my hand and I’ll give baby a small push back. We can play tap for a several minutes at a time, and I just lay there awed by the notion that I’m already effectively sharing a moment alone with our child. About 9 more weeks until we can play the game face-to-face.