Thank you so much to Dave, Dennis, Maria, Joe and Carol for helping us with our preparations for Baby Davison. With Joe leading the way, the guys removed the old guest room windows, took off house siding so we could reframe the opening, sized up and created the new opening, installed the new window (it’s sweet), insulated the exterior wall of the room, started putting the siding back on, and got most of the sheet rocking done before we ran out of time. The gals took on the tasks for cleaning all the baby toys and equipment we’ve been given (a huge job), reorganizing our basement, and going through boxes we’d not opened in years (and some cases, ever).

Thanks also to my dad who stopped by just to see if we needed a hand, and to Ken and Dee Van Driesche for letting us borrow their Subaru Outback to haul sheet rock.

We are very grateful to have friends help us prepare for Baby Davison’s arrival.