This week’s childbirth class was good. We talked a lot about the first couple stages of labor and had a chance to see videos on the same. Erin and I feel more confident now, though we’re not discussing the transitional stage until next week, and that’s where it gets particularly rough. I appreciate knowing about the process anyway, and I’m sure we’ll be able to sit down at the end of this and plot out a general birth plan which probably won’t bear any semblance to the reality of the event but which we’ll feel better having going in.

Erin is amazingly large. We’ve not measured around her recently, but her tummy is big. I can’t believe that we’ve still got weeks to go. She’s bearing the weight quite well, though it’s getting harder. Tougher to sleep through the night for one thing. Little aches and pains too. She’s not one to complain, and truth be told most of the time she simply emanates that pregnant woman radiance that everyone talks about. All things considered, Erin and baby are doing remarkably well.