Yes, I’ve revised the front page again. I was really not completely satisfied with the last incarnation, and the more I thought about AOL’s AIM buttons not working (yet) in Mac OS X, the less I liked them. I might put them back once iChat or AIM URLs work, but not until then.

The layout grid I’m using is 768 pixels wide. This should make it wonderfully viewable of a 17″ monitor which is pretty much the standard nowadays. Actually as long as you can get to at least 800 x 600 on your monitor’s resolution, any size screen will work. Anybody who’s still running at 640 x 480 is hosed, and, yeah, I’m kinda sorry about that. Still, it might be time to upgrade your Mac IIci, ya know?

I’ve had nobody ask me about the Yahoo! Groups Davison Clubhouse. Seems a darn shame given all the features that are offered there, but I can only lead a horse to water. Some 10 or so of you are already members, having joined back in 1998 when the whole sha-bang got started. If you remember your Yahoo! ID, you can enter the Clubhouse immediately. Otherwise you’ll need a new Yahoo! ID and an invite from your truly. If you’d like the latter, LMK. It’s not like I need to be stingy with them.

[Note: Yahoo! and this Groups account were hacked sometime in the 2016-19 timeframe. It has long since been discontinued.]