Man we could have some fun. What’s it going to take to get you to sign up?

A list of some 300 of my CDs is now posted online, and those CDs are freely available for borrowing by Davison Online Club House members. You do not want to know how long the data entry took. Other members are encouraged to include their own collections in the online database so we can all share the music in a sort of legal, non-cyberspace Napster arrangement. Because the usage license travels with the physical CD media, we’re unlikely to be threatened with shut down by the RIAA. Sharing CDs (not MP3s or unlicensed computer files) is, so far as I know, completely above board. After all, if it weren’t, libraries couldn’t offer CDs for check out.

My hope is that members will explore unfamiliar musical artists and genres. Who knows what music you might end up liking? Of course if your tastes suddenly swing to beer barrel polkas, we reserve the right kick you out. Kidding! Just kidding. I kid because I love. Look, I don’t know if you’ll like Enya, Metallica, or John Coltrane (or, like me, all three), but this could be a great chance to find out at low or no cost.

The reverse is also true. If you’re looking to push a band on somebody, climb aboard the Davison Online Club House soul train, and scream about them to the masses. Presently the masses are comprised of me, Dave, and Kurt. Depending on how you want to look at it, you’ll either not be reaching very many people, or, as I prefer to think of it, you’ll have the opportunity to make a very directed sales pitch.

Joining the group will help in other ways. With some 300 CDs available, that’s 100 CDs each if we’re were to split it out among current group members. That’s way too much music for someone to borrow all at once, and that assumes I’m borrowing from myself, something I’m disinclined to do since it’s patently stupid. Help me out here. Throw a dog a bone. We need more members. Email me and request an invite for membership.