Exterior window trim might not sound sexy to you, but, hey, it was a slow news day.

Joe and I tackled the biggest remaining exterior project from the nursery room remodel of a few weeks ago. Yesterday I’d purchased some good grade 1 x 4 cedar boards at Parr Lumber—the only place in town to buy lumber if you ask me—and today Joe sawed them into appropriately sized bits and we screwed them into place. It was about five hours of work all told with impressive results. I still need to caulk and paint out there, but the siding is all back in place and already lookin’ good.

Erin’s folks will be joining us over Spring Break, and we’ll be tackling the rest of the nursery (and maybe some of the bathroom). If we can get those two rooms finished, we’ll be done with our major house remodeling projects for the year. I will confess, however, that several other remodeling projects have caught my eye, and the temptation to continue remaking the house is very strong. Bathroom and nursery first though.

Big thanks to Joe!