Work, work, work. Party, party, party. Good times, good times.

Baby’s now 35 weeks and Erin’s now 31 years. Both had a pretty good day today. Although Erin had to do a little grading of papers here and there, she also got a chance to do some gardening (which she loves), and I think she dug her party. I know I did, but of course that’s not really the point.

With Bernard and Liz’s help we’ve been working on a lot of home improvement projects, and Erin’s loving that of course. Bernard replaced the evil kitchen faucet with a Price Pfister. The new faucet brings much joy.

I rebuilt the main raised garden bed out front, depriving a lot of termites of their home in the wood that had rotted out. Hopefully they won’t be moving to our house. I also started clearing out leaves from the gutters, the little plastic covers we installed a few years back having failed utterly in some sections. Permanent leaf-guard gutters are the long-term answer is there, but not until after we finish remodeling the house. I’ll probably just keep scooping stuff out in the meantime.

Bernard and I painted the nursery, and tomorrow morning we’ll be adding the sponge coat to it. Depending on how this turns out, I’m either gonna look like an idiot or a genius. Right now odds are probably 50-50, but I’ll understand if a few of you out there instantly thought, “More like 60-40.” (Or 70-30 or 80-20….) I’ve never done sponge painting before, so I’m hoping the results meet expectations. If not, I’ll be rollering everything white in a couple of days.

Ye ol’ Davison Clan assembled and along with the Lillys we celebrated Erin’s birthday. Yummy do-it-yourself pizzas, lemon cake, drinks aplenty. It was a good time, and I dare say it was a good time had by all. Afterward, Bernard, Liz, Erin and I played a few games of darts, and after that, Bernard and I played a few games more. Staying up late is getting to be a habit, but sometimes you just hate to see fun days end.