The nursery turns out OK. My relief is palpable.

Bernard and I sponge painted the nursery this morning. It came out perhaps even better than expected given our relative inexperience with this type of work. I think it looks really good, and that seemed to be the consensus, so I’m not wandering alone on Fantasy Island on this one. If we’re wrong, it’s a group delusion. But I think we’re pretty right. (da plane! da plane!)

I’ve got a closet organizer company coming out on Tuesday. We looked at some ClosetMaid and RubberMaid organizer systems at Lowe’s, but they were either not deep enough to store everything we need to store or didn’t meet our standards of construction. They might work in other applications, but given the amount of stuff we’re gonna have to store in the nursery closet (since the room may ultimately hold two kids), we can’t afford to skimp here. Anyway, closet person coming out on Tuesday.

The other elements of the room are coming together. I’m gonna be needing Joe’s help with the trim—that goes without saying, I suppose—but I should have all the electrical finished tomorrow. We’ll probably look at buffing the hardwood floor or something, but otherwise it’s good to go. Then we just have to load it with baby stuff including, of course, baby him- or herself. We are so appreciative of all the help we’ve been given. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed their time, talent, and effort.

* * * * *

We partied hearty for the second straight day, this time up in Portland at George and Irene’s. We saw the Robins Clan (George, Jean, Adam, Emily, and Jessica) and Bonnie, and met Adam’s girlfriend Nena. Nena is carrying twin girls due for delivery on Tuesday. If you think Erin’s looking big carrying Baby Davison, then you’ve never seen twins. I can’t even conceive of what a pregnancy like that most feel like. Great to make her acquaintance, and we’re looking forward to meeting her and Adam’s kids.

I talked a bit with Jessica about getting a Mac, and I’d like to say first and foremost that she brought it up, not me. I appreciate people asking about and I am always eager to talk about Macs, but I’m also keenly aware that I spent hours in high school boring people (particularly girls) with the technological details of things that they couldn’t possibly care about. I try very hard not to do that anymore. (I bore people with other things.) I like to think that my happy advocacy of the Mac platform is paying off. Or maybe my loud extolling of the virtues of Apple’s machines while shrugging my shoulders and sighing heavily when I hear about PC crashes has sent the signal I intended. (Which is: (1) I’m happy to help family and friends with their Macs and (2) PCs suck.) Anyway, we had a good chat. (Her brother and sister have already seen the light: Adam’s got a souped Power Computing Mac clone and Emily’s got a Titanium PowerBook.) (That’s a lot of parentheses for one paragraph.) (I should stop doing that.)

Thanks to George and Irene for hosting a great party and to all attendees for helping make it so!