Not a lot of slumber for anyone other than Jonah, but we’re doing OK.

It’s been a pretty interesting week with Jonah dominating our waking (and sleeping) hours. On Sunday Erin had two students drop by and while Erin was taking a bathroom break, Jonah needed a diaper change. With this audience I’m changing the diaper solo for the first time. Then, laying on the changing table, Jonah starts burping up milk—out his mouth and nose and all over everything. I start dealing with that, then he kicks off the diaper and sends a yellow urine stream shooting across the room. I swear, all he needed was smoke coming out his ears, and he would’ve had every orifice covered. God invented laughter for moments like these.

Speaking of burping up milk, Jonah’s done his share. A few nights ago, after his first bath, he brought up a lot. Erin and I opted not to worry about it. As long as he continues to fill his diaper (proof that stuff is going through him), we’ll be taking it as no big deal. The proof is in the pooing, I always say. We’re wondering if it might be related to Erin’s diet since we’ve been told that can change the taste of the breast milk. Dunno.

Jonah’s cord stump fell off. He doesn’t seem to miss it, which is good since we’re not exactly prepared to glue it back on. If anything, his tummy is now more attractive (since the stump was relatively hideous), and we don’t have to be quite so careful around his belly button when we’re changing his diaper. While he had no reaction to my comment that it might taste good in tartar sauce, I confess this was said more to distract him from the diaper change that was happening. He just looked me blankly for what, I’m sure, will not be the last time.

His face is changing. His eyebrows are darkening; his nose is narrowing and losing the milia that covered it; his eyes are opening wider and he’s taken to intently studying complex patterns in clothing. Erin and I almost feel like he should be at toddler stage already he seems so different. I’ll have some more recent photos posted soon. Maybe ya’ll can check them out and see if we’re hallucinating down here in Davisonland.

We were over at my parents’ place so I could update their Power Mac G3/300 when Jonah got his first bath. Jonah didn’t seem to mind the face washing or the hair shampooing. He was more curious about it than anything else. OMG did he hate the rest of it, though. He started shrieking like the end was nigh, and no number of distractions or other inducements could convince him that bath time wasn’t the worse experience of his short lifetime. Obviously I can hardly wait to bath him again. If you meet our kid and he looks like Charlie Brown’s buddy Pigpen, this is why.

But all of the above might paint too dark a picture. The truth is that so far, despite a little sleep deprivation, life has been surprisingly grand. Both Erin and I are finding parenthood to be easier than we anticipated. I say that with the acknowledgement that two weeks with an infant is only the first step in a very long journey. There remains plenty of time for us to decide that this was actually a lot harder than we thought it was going to be. I guess my point, and I do have one, is that so far, so good. That, and sleep deprivation really impacts my thinking and my writing. Of course, by now you apprehended that last bit, didn’t you? Don’t tell Jonah.