A minor mea culpa over yesterday’s post. I know you’ll understand. You’re cool.

Yeah, look, I only forgot one thing when I said yesterday that life with Jonah has been surprisingly grand, and that is this: Life is grand only because our family and friends are the coolest folks you’d ever want to meet. They’ve been loading us up with dinners and assorted meals, coming over to watch the kid now and again so we can sleep, doing little household chores here and there. Sure we’re sleep-deprived, we have a 12 day-old infant. But life would be so much harder without the help of all the fine people who’ve pitched in to help ease our burden, that I can’t even conceive of how a single-parent with limited resources would handle it. We are so lucky to have the support we do.

I didn’t mention that as directly as I wanted to yesterday, and I’ve been feeling somewhat guilty ever since, because if I want to cultivate any sort of attitude in my life it’s one of gratitude. Whatever people might say about me, I hope one of things that comes up is that I am thankful. I don’t always communicate that as well as I’d like, but it is how I feel. If I didn’t make that clear yesterday, I hope it is today. Erin and I are deeply appreciative of all the wishes, gifts, and assistance we’ve received.