President Bush is at it again. Help stop this “conservative” from spending money the country doesn’t have.

Tomorrow, May 14, has been designated a national call-in day for contacting your representatives and senators about President Bush’s insanely stupid tax cut proposal. Both and will allow you to send faxes to Congress for free, and I strongly encourage you to make use of their services or to call the Congressional switchboard directly. I don’t know if it will make a difference, but not doing anything certainly won’t work.

The US will likely run a $300 billion deficit this fiscal year before counting the Bush tax cut which benefits mainly the wealthy. Although personally there are elements of the plan (the expanded child tax credit and the partial elimination of taxes on dividends) which would reduce my tax liability dramatically, I am unalterably opposed to a proposal which (1) increases an already record deficit, (2) does nothing or very little to help states in fiscal crisis, and (3) benefits mainly the richest people in society. For me, a sound tax cut proposal is (1) deficit neutral (meaning you find spending cuts elsewhere), (2) helps states deal with their budgetary woes, and (3) benefits the majority of people—those in the lower income brackets. This tax bill is evil, and when I say evil, I mean what I say.

I urge you to contact your congressional representatives and tell them the same.