Pacific City, Oregon

Preparing to Reach the Beach

Believe it or not, Erin, Jonah, and I are headed to Pacific City this weekend so that I can ride in Reach the Beach, a 55-mile bike ride. We planned to arrive at 3 PM. We came in at 5:30 PM. It continues to amaze me that we could be so late. I will note that we were only 10 minutes tardy to Jonah’s appointment yesterday. Not sure that’s something to be proud about, but for now we’ll take it.

After unloading everything at the rental house, a group of us (Joe, Carol, Dennis, Maria, Erin, Jonah, and me) went to dinner at the Pelican Pub. I had the Haystack burger which, unless I’m mistaken, is exactly what I had last year. Pretty good eats.

The full contingent (Joe, Carol, Dennis, Maria, Erin, Jonah, me, Mike, Teresa, Dave, Eileen, Jared, Robyn, Susan, Linda) assembled at the house in the evening. I wanted to stay up with everybody—and some folks were awake until 3 AM—but I ended up crashing out almost immediately. It had been a very tiring week, and, heck, there’s a bike ride tomorrow in which, for some reason, I’m a participant.