I came back from the Rose City just in time to hear 91 people get confirmed in a Catholic church. The next day Joe and I again tackled the nursery. No linkage whatsoever except that I was there, and, oh yeah, this is my web site.

My business in Portland concluded for the week, I jetted down I-5 yesterday evening to join Erin at Queen of Peace where she was the sponsor for a confirmation candidate. For the most part, Christine, Jonah, and I hung out in the foyer during the proceedings. Some 91 candidate confirmations plus a full scale Mass equated to one long service. Jonah was his regular docile self except toward the end by which time he was hungry and pretty peeved not to be eating immediately. Tough life, kid.

This morning I whipped out to Home Depot to pick up materials and discovered they had in stock almost none of the trim I wanted. Ultimately, this was to prove less of a deal since Joe and I got knocked sideways by the closet door jamb before the room’s trim ever became an issue. In short, the bifold closet doors wouldn’t fit, so we had to rebuild the frame around the closet so that they would. Add in work framing the window, and there goes the afternoon.

In the end, we got the doors installed except for the handles to the doors (which I’ll need to think about a bit). They look and work great, though they’ll obviously work even better once I put handles on them. The sill and frame around the exterior window we built looks sharp. I insulated around the area as well. Finally we started trimming the room and installing the baseboard heater. We didn’t have the tools we needed to get those things working, so rather than push into the evening, we called it good for now.

The nursery is undone, but gosh we’re getting close, and, perhaps more importantly, I’m learning an awful lot about how a room comes together. Knowing nothing about finish work before starting a remodeling project has made me feel even more aimless than normal, and that’s not the kinda guy I like to be. With Joe’s patient assistance, I’ve been getting much better educated. Once again, a big league thanks to him for all his help!